Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our New Kitchen

Some of you have asked what happened about our new kitchen . . . well here it is.  Our "new" kitchen is very space efficient.  You don't have to move very far at all to go from the sink to the stove, and the top of the washing machine provides a great work space.  The refrigerator is in the living room, but it is still only a few paces away.  One of the greatest features is that the garbage disposal is right to the left of the sink (aka the toilet)!

Just as a side note, when we got here Sister Rogers told us that we needed to get a dryer for the apartment as well.  We have searched and asked, but everyone looks at us as though we are crazy.  Heated driers just don't exist here.  "You have a washing machine that spins at a 1000 rpm, that is already dry."  We have determined that washing here also includes ironing.   By the time you iron a damp shirt it probably really is dry enough to wear.  Our drier is a very nice clothes rack donated by our landlord.

It is amazing how easy it is to adapt.  We don't really need all the conveniences that we have in our house in Utah, but it does make us grateful for the opportunities that we have been blessed with throughout our lives.

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